Considered Objects for an Artful Life

Living creatively doesn’t just mean artistic creativity, although that’s part of it. It means offering people something different, meaningful, and lasting; and creating new curiosities that allow others to experience art and life in a new way.

Lynn Ritchie Founder & Operator

What would it look like to be surrounded by meaningful things that bring joy, relentless curiosity, and a continuous celebration of stories and the people who make them? 

That’s what an artful life is all about. 
And that’s why we’re here.

Since opening our doors in 1998, our desire has been to create a welcoming, creative community where everyone who walks through our doors (or visits our site) is encouraged to celebrate life and art beautiful ways. We are committed to supporting, promoting, and showcasing art and artists through various mediums, including glasswork, pottery, furniture, wearable art, and specialty gifts.

A’mano also offers a wide variety of handcrafted items to support artisans and producers in developing countries.

Welcome to A’Mano. Considered Objects for an Artful Life.


By committing to whole and certified organic ingredients, Little Barn Apothecary creates goods from scratch that are 100% safe, naturally potent, and highly effective.

Select Artists & Brands

  • Alexa Pulitzer
  • Ameico
  • Amy Nordstrom
  • Art Department
  • Assouline Books
  • Ben’s Garden
  • Capri Blue
  • Chan Luu
  • Circle Factory Bowls
  • Dogeared Jewelry
  • Graphic Image
  • Holden McCurry
  • Ink + Alloy
  • Izola
  • Lands Down Under
  • Little Lux
  • Lizette Handmade
  • LSA International
  • Marsha Connell Scarves
  • Minor History Leather Goods
  • Newgate Clocks
  • Orbix Hot Glass
  • Robindura Unsworth
  • Sarah Swell
  • Save My Bag
  • Spin Ceramics
  • Taschen Books
  • Tashi Trading
  • Teneues Books
  • Terra Cottage
  • The New Yorker Greeting Cards
  • Twig Throws
  • Votivo